Colour Match

The key to Cosmetic Camouflage is to find the right colour match. This can often be a challenge as the skin can be different colours in different parts of the body, particularly in areas such as the face and arms that are more frequently exposed to the sun. It is also important that the use of cosmetic camouflage is confirmed as suitable for the condition being covered and that the correct products and application techniques are used. For this reason we would always recommend a professional cosmetic camouflage consultation. We appreciate however that this mat not always be possible or financially viable so below is a list of recommended ways that a colour match can be obtained, in the order that we would recommend them.

Professional Consultation

Book a private consultation with one of our trained Cosmetic Camouflage Consultants in your area.  As well as providing an appropriate colour match our consultants will provide advice, guidance and application techniques. In addition, all our consultants provide the option to have your required product, delivered straight to your door, direct from ourselves, therefore avoiding the need for additional enquiries or payments.

Changing Faces

Changing Faces is a registered charity that offers Skin Camouflage services, advice and support. They offer free skin camouflage service appointments, however this service is currently significantly over-subscribed and as such there is a very long waiting list.

Samples & Testers

A majority of our brands supply sample products and tester kits that you can purchase to try and obtain a colour match yourself. It is accepted that, for a number of reasons, a professional consultation may not be possible in which case you can use this option try and conduct your own colour match, at home, using samples, testers or one of our kits, specially designed for this purpose.

Colour Matching Service

We can try to match the colour of your existing foundation or camouflage cream using our range of samples colours. Note that all our products have a very high pigment compared to other brands or products such as fluid foundations, as a result their colour may vary when applied to your skin. The more translucent the original product is, the bigger this difference will be. This service is therefore only provided as a guide and an exact colour match is not guaranteed.


The world’s largest usable database of matching foundation colours. Simply enter two foundation shades that you use and are happy with and the site will show you your perfect shade in any other product, without needing to go into a store and try them. Please note at this time the information on some brands are limited and we cannot accept any responsibility for decisions made from the data on this site. (For Dermacolor matches search on Kryolan).